Short Stories from the Mind of a Madman Vol. 4

Three ways to Read!

When Nick wakes to find himself in an interrogation room, a detective will force him to face his crimes.

A creature, made in a lab with the ability to change into any person and feed off the enemy has escaped. Can the military stop it before it escapes the small town.

Simon is a Software Engineer, but when he’s asked to help the FBI stop a Madman from wiping out a large portion of the population, he’ll have to pay a heavy price to succeed. 

When a fireball crashes into a field, one sheriff must figure out why the townspeople are suddenly acting strange.

Derek wakes to the sound of screams in the middle of the night, only to discover that people are going missing and strange gargoyle-like creatures are filling the skys.

Stephon is an artist renown for being able to capture the depth of human suffering in his paintings, and he’ll never share his secret.

When Nick takes a beautiful woman home, he discovers the price of her beauty.

When Abby starts seeing the ghost of her grandfather, she struggles to understand his message…

Sarah wants to explore the world, but in her village, few leave, but when she discovers a hidden library, she have to make a difficult choice.