Short Stories from the Mind of a Madman Vol.2

It was supposed to be another routine study of a planet, but when the survey crew’s fear start manifesting, their chances of escape dwindle as their sanity fades!

When random, sudden changes start happening to Daniel’s surroundings, he fears he may lose his mind, or worse, his life.

When Benny wakes every night, he hunts down his own kind, but when he meets Jill, he wonders if maybe he could have a somewhat normal life.

Every since Betty’s husband died, she’s had trouble reconnecting with friends, so to help, she made herself life-size dolls to talk to, but at what cost?

If there is one constant in the universe, it’s that everything that lives, dies. But as Charles learns, life can flash before your eyes in a moment, giving you a chance to live to fullest before your final breath!

When we moved into a new house, I met a dead boy named Walter. When my parents decided to sell the house, Walter wasn’t happy.

Stephon retired in a beautiful valley of his own making, but when his end is near, a stranger will have to decide the town’s fate.

One night my friends and I decided to try out a Silent Disco, but just when the party was getting good, I started seeing everyone loosing their minds!

Jason has one shot to make his dreams come true, but he’ll have to relive all his failures to muster the will to make the most important catch of his life!

When aliens attack, Scott has only one mission. To get to his ex-wife and kids, but will he get to them in time?

Adam seems to be the only survivor, until he discovers that there is one enemy combatant left, but when he goes in for the kill, he finds that there is more to their survival than he first thought.

When Tommy suspects a priest is up to no good, he soon discovers a horrible truth about the thing calling itself a priest.

When Todd returns home, years after he witnessed a Scarecrow come to life and take his friend, he must team up with an old hermit to kill the creature once and for all.

Meet the Puppet Master, a fallen angel who’s hatred of man leads him to turn good people into killers.

Pietro is a professional hit-man, but his new assignment makes him question his own employers, and may lead to him forfeit his own life.

When a couple carjacks Clyde, they soon find they may have chosen the wrong victim.

The ground is beginning to burn, and as tries to find the cause, it may be too late.

Charles always put work first, but when he dies, Death will give him one day to change his ways.

Born deformed, he’s spent his entire life locked in the basement, longing for a friend. One day, Michael is befriended by a girl named Sally. Now Michael must chose between the life he knows and the life that could be.

When Todd receives a puzzle game outside his door, he soon realizes that the story may be real and so are the consequences.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. Every time I would try to start a relationship with a woman, they would die tragically right in front of me. Can I figure out what’s happening before it happens again?

When Teddy moves into his new house, he hears a little girl call for help. To help her, he must learn the tragic history of his new home.

In the future, everyone see the world around them through Virtual Reality visors. When Sara’s visor malfunctions, she sees the world how it really is.

Robert often wonders what life would be like if he had never gotten married. Now, fate has offered him a chance to see for himself, but will he be happy with what he sees?

Clones are created for the pleasure of the hunt, but when the scientists involved, fear for their own lives, they put a plan in motion to give one clone a fighting chance.